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Brass Tracks for Bath Comedy Festival?

Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing the Brass Tracks perform live will be well aware that the members of the quintet consist of one or two frustrated comedians! It is then no surprise that The Bath Comedy Festival is interested in Booking Brass Tracks to play their light entertainment programme this year.

The director of the festival was in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival and came along to hear ‘Brass Tracks at Teatime’. After the performance he caught up with John and enquired about the possibility of the quintet performing in Bath as part of the Comedy Festival this December. John performs regularly in Bath, most recently with poet laureate Carol-Ann Duffy, and is a big fan of the city.

Brass Tracks are still waiting on the programme for The Bath Comedy Festival to be confirmed so check back at our events page for details.

The festival director will have his work cut out in the coming months trying to figure out how to get a Tuba on an Easyjet flight!

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