silent movie project

Brass Tracks Silent Movie Project

Brass Tracks, in partnership with The University of West of Scotland, have organised a competition for film students to create a five minute silent film exploring the theme of ‘Scotland After the Referendum’. The winning entries will then have music commissioned and performed by Brass Tracks at Edinburgh festival Fringe 2015.

On September 18th this year Scotland will got to the polls to vote on the question ‘should Scotland be an independent country?’. This is an issue that has been debated for months at dinner tables, workplaces and pubs across the country and provides an exciting opportunity for student filmmakers to explore these themes using the medium of silent film.

The filmmakers will create five minute films for submission which will then be considered by Brass Tracks and University of West of Scotland. Over the course of the next six months the competition will be whittled down to six eventual winners. These six films will then have music commissioned by Brass Tracks from composers resident in Scotland and the finished piece will then be performed as part of Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015. Brass Tracks will work closely with the competition winners and the composers to create the soundtrack for the silent movie and the finished piece will then be performed live with a narrator linking the six pieces of work.

The upcoming referendum is an exciting time for Scotland and gives artists the platform to explore the issues surrounding the big question of Scottish independence and Britishness in the 21st century. Brass Tracks are excited to see this project come to life and are looking forward to working with the eventual competition winners to create a silent movie snapshot of ‘Scotland After the Referendum’.

We have had a lot of excitement about this project. What direction the films take is of course determined largely by the result on September 18th!.

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