Dumfries 2019

This is a most beautiful venue. It is a large open air green area surrounded by a wooded glen filled with old trees and a loch at the foot of the estate visible from where we played and imbued with a quiet peacefulness. There was an old path around three hundred meters from where there was a gazebo and a building that fitted the surroundings where the food is prepared and has a large tasteful bar. A vintage wedding car slowly pulled up on the path and the bride and groom then walked to the outside area where we played them up with the march from Aida. Then for the next two hours while drinks and food were served al fresco to the guests we played a selection of light popular music that went down extremely well with guests coming up and humming,singing and even dancing with many saying that the the brass group complemented the stunning surroundings! The sun shone,the band played and guests had fun. James Cunningham deputised on tuba for Robert Fraser.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019
2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe