St Marks concert furing the Festival Fringe

Edinburgh Fringe – 2019

St Mark’s, Edinburgh Festival Fringe – 2019

Brass Tracks at the Edinburgh Fringe 2019 with our family friendly accessible programme that covered 500 years of music – once again at St Marks Church. This year we had the biggest audience in our five years at the fringe with over 150 people in attendance. We were sponsored by HIDDEN HEARING this year and their logo adorned our posters and flyers. They also had banners at the performance and a free goodie bag for all! William Williamson, a professional singer from Dumfriesshire, sang Scottish music with the quintet arranged by our horn player Robert Newth; which was an innovative first for the quintet. We ran slightly over as we were asked for an encore and we were happy to oblige! It was a happy annual event with strong local feedback helped by the Hidden Hearing sponsorship.


Brass Tracks (Brass Tracks) Three weeks Edinburgh

By Louise Rodgers| Published on Saturday 17 August 2019

Monteverdi was a bold (and chronologically correct!) start to this professional brass quintet concert. The band quickly established a rapport with their audience by introducing singer William Williamson in their own touching arrangement of Annie Laurie for brass quintet and voice. Night on a Bare Mountain was highly dramatic, displaying a good partnership between trombone and tuba in an atmosphere of booming menace. Bizet’s Carmen was enjoyable, and the chat between music was entertaining and informative. St Louis Blues, the original 12 bar blues, was also great – a memorable highlight during a lively concert. Brass concerts offer variety, joie de vivre and camaraderie – this one was no exception!

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