Fish – A Feast of Consequences

Event: Fish Studio Recording Session

Venue: Haddington, East Lothian

Date: 29th July, 2013


“The Gathering” starts with some beautiful brass (a real trumpet, trombone, tuba and flugelhorn appear on this track) – Chart Chat UK (09/09/13)

Brass Tracks trumpet player John Sampson was called for jury duty where he spotted fellow musician and keyboard player Foss Paterson. While chatting away waiting to see if they would be picked for duty, Paterson mentioned they were looking for a brass section to do Fish’s latest album. John explained the new ensemble that had been formed a few months before and that chance meeting in the Edinburgh High Court led to Brass Tracks going to Fish`s studio and recording the brass lines for A Feast of Consequences. We had charts for some sections but we also had to improvise some sections which gave us a strong artistic input as well as using our powerful Brass Tracks sound in other sections. The session was engineered by the legendary Callum Malcom of Castle Sound studios. Brass Tracks is very happy with the final result of the album.

Brass is often described as ‘versatile’, but it’s presence is not always immediately associated with ‘Prog Rock’. However, we were honoured to be part of Fish’s latest critically acclaimed album, A Feast of Consquences, which captures through musical and lyrical commentary, the madness and terror of war. Brass Tracks’ sombre tone is tested in the track entitled, The Gathering.

Brass Tracks is open to all forms of collaborations and can adapt comfortably to all styles and musical genres.

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