Brass Tracks at St Mark's

St Mark’s – Fringe 2023

St Mark’s, Edinburgh Festival Fringe – 2023

7th Aug 2023

The tenth anniversary concert showcasing a selection of the finest themes from film soundtracks. A highly entertaining and professional ensemble – demonstrating the power, subtlety and range that brass do best, presented with style and wit.

Brass Tracks celebrate ten years of live performances to delighted audiences across Scotland. The engaging and wonderfully entertaining quintet return to the Fringe with exciting new arrangements of the finest film soundtracks. A suitably dramatic programme for performers who provide consummate musical ability with wit, style and energy. Many of the tunes will be familiar, some new, and a few old favourites will be presented to create a showcase of the power, subtlety and range best heard by brass. A one night opportunity to enjoy a superbly professional and creative ensemble.

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