Playing in St Mary's Haddington

St Mary’s Haddington – 2022

St Mary’s Church Haddington, with the Garleton Singers – 2022

11th June 2022

We recorded the Haddington Psalms during lockdown; which entailed recording our individual parts on our iphones in our living rooms while filming ourselves doing it! It was then edited together and put online and miraculously it worked! This major work running over 30 mins long for Choir, The Garleton Singers, and large brass ensemble, Organ & Percussion was written by Scottish composer Nigel Don.

In June 2022 we had the privilege of playing it live in St Mary’s Church Haddington to a full and enthusiastic audience. We augmented Brass Tracks as we needed 4 trumpets, 3 Trombones, Tuba, & French Horn. The brass writing was extremely well constructed and we thoroughly enjoyed playing it. It was well conducted by Stephen Doughty and we also did several other pieces in the first half for choir and Brass. Both versions are still available on the internet.

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